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Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Music part 2

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Lucas and Barry making huge signs that say things like “Fight!!” to hold for Dawn’s contests while Barry cheers loudly and gets mad at whoever she’s facing and Lucas tells him to calm down even though Lucas was thinking it himself.

tinytreecko says: theres a fanmade pokemon game and its beautiful wow its almost better than the actual games the main villain is a mysterious man in a poncho omg

I’ve heard of it!

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Notes about an anime!Lucas in a very unorganized and unfinished format.

Lucas is very cool headed, smart and logical. He has good leadership skills but hes too passive most of the time; lets people kinda walk over him. Hes sensitive, sympathetic/genuine, friendly, sweet/shy. Can get spooked easily but wants to be brave. Patient.

Balances Barry, who is his childhood friend. Barry is impatient, not understanding (close-minded), and focuses on power. Lucas is patient, compassionate (open-minded), and focuses on knowledge. Barry is confident and assertive and puts himself out there and takes risks and is courageous; Lucas is passive and insecure and easily intimidated and scared.

The nickname “Lu” is reserved for Barry.

Lucas has a little sister named Emma who is five years younger than him. She has a nonserious childish crush on Barry. When Lucas is with Dawn, Emma is always super excited to see her, thinking coordinating is super cool and that Dawn is super cool. She always wants Dawn to show her her appeals and stuff.

A counter to this post: After competing in the Sinnoh league with Barry, Lucas decides to break away for both Barry’s benefit as well as his own. Was always really passive and bossed around with Barry, and wants to break out of that. When they first started their journey, Lucas originally thought he and Barry would travel together. But Barry was obsessed with strength and competition and declared the two of them rivals, rushing off on his own without Lucas saying a thing against it. His first time going against Barry is saying he won’t stay in Sinnoh with him again, despite Barry’s anger towards the comment. It takes a lot of courage for Lucas to confront Barry due to him constantly avoiding confrontation, but he feels like he’s grown a bit afterwards. He goes off to Johto to study legends and compete, feeling himself grow for the first time on his own—being his own leader.

When he meets up with Barry again, Lucas feels stronger. Not only as a trainer, but as a person. And he realizes Barry has, too. Their break off from each other wasn’t totally clean cut, both wanting to be able to prove something to the other the next time they saw each other again. Both wanting to prove they could be stronger for the other. Lucas left focusing on himself as a person; Barry as a trainer. Likewise, their mindsets on the other were opposite—Barry wanted Lucas to grow stronger as a trainer, while Lucas wanted Barry to grow stronger as a person. After a battle and a talk of their adventures, both are shocked to discover they’ve both grown in all sorts of ways. Their bitter leaving doesn’t seem to matter anymore; the air has been cleared, and they’ve both changed in a way that lets them piece themselves perfectly together as if they were never apart.

The two are in Hoenn now, and with the tense competitive wall between them gone, the two decide to travel together. Dawn is also in Hoenn at this time. She meets Lucas because of Barry, and she ends up bumping into them (sometimes literally with Barry around) a handful of times throughout the Hoenn region. The three become friends, even. Barry and Lucas come to cheer her on at a contest (more so against Barry’s will because he thinks it’s a waste of time), and Dawn comes to a gym battle to cheer as well. They even camped out a night or two together when they were heading in the same direction.  After the Hoenn League, when contemplation is arising of what to do next, Dawn suggests that the three travel together. Being with them has reminded her of traveling with Ash and Brock, something she deeply misses. While she doesn’t mind being on her own, she didn’t exactly want to split from Ash and Brock either. Not only does she enjoy their company, but they do as well. Lucas is the one to agree and convinces Barry, who is more opposing of it and wonders if Dawn will just slow them down. But Lucas is more than welcoming to have someone like Dawn when Barry can get rather overwhelming. With her, the group becomes more balanced and they head off to their next region.

Concerning this post, Lucas is the one who confronts Barry first about the initial problem of Barry seeming to deny and being freaked out about his sexuality, wanting him to talk about it and wanting to let him know it’s okay. This leads Barry to decide to date Dawn, to which Lucas actually decides might be a beneficial solution because Lucas and Dawn are on the same page and Dawn might be able to actually help Barry in a way Lucas can’t.

Dawn and Lucas eventually start dating when Dawn is 15 and Lucas is 17. They’re happy despite the occasional normal problems, but the two of them end up breaking it off when Dawn is 18 and Lucas is 20. Dawn is still competing, while Lucas is becoming more serious about research and decides to study under Professor Rowan. With the two being in completely different regions, they decide long distant will be hard, but that they’ll give it a shot. It ends up being rather tiring, and that they just have completely different goals at the moment. Leaving it with the possibility they might pick things back up once they’re both settled, they hesitantly decide to call it off.

It’s after this Dawn meets up with Paul again. Lucas hears of her pregnancy and the wedding that will follow it, and isn’t sure how to feel about it. While Dawn hasn’t completely fallen in love with Paul yet, she still cares deeply about him, and Paul cares for her as well. And both are completely in love with their baby. When seeing Dawn with her baby, instead of feeling sad, Lucas feels happy about the situation for the first time despite holding feelings for her. He knows Dawn wouldn’t trade her baby for the world, and despite not knowing how to feel about Paul, he feels assured Paul will take care of Dawn even still (and if both Dawn and Barry—who raves about Paul—both seem to approve of him, that must mean something). He still wants to be a part of her life and her baby’s, and even ends up warming up to Paul a bit. If Dawn had never run into Paul again and felt a connection with him, it’s possible she would have gotten with Lucas again once she was settled in Sinnoh permanently.

When Lucas finally settles down from competitive battling, he will apprentice with Professor Rowan, eventually taking over for him.


In the future, when Lucas turns 13 (Barry and Dawn are still 12), he decides to take a year to study under Professor Rowan, thus leaving Barry without a traveling partner. Barry, mildly upset over this, asks Lucas what he’s going to do now as traveling alone is no fun. Lucas just shrugs and tells him to ask Dawn to travel with him (Because he knows they were both planning on traveling through Unova), and Barry just yells at him saying something along the lines of “Are you crazy?” to which Lucas replies that it’s his loss.

After deciding not to take his best friend’s advice, Barry tries starting his journey through Unova alone. At first, he’s fine about being alone and starts thinking about how it might not be so bad until he sees a new pokemon and gets really excited and is about to tell Lucas to look, and realize he’s not actually there with him. This happens multiple times on his way to the Striaton Gym, and he’s sort of deflated by the time he gets there, so he loses his first match against Cress.

Angrily storming out of the gym, he runs straight into Dawn. Barry apologizes and tells her that he just lost his match. Dawn smiles at him and tells him that she knows he’ll do better next time. He decides to watch her gym battle against Cilan, because seeing Dawn and a good gym battle might improve his mood. After a really intense battle, Dawn wins, and Barry runs from the table he’s sitting at (knocking over his glass of water in the process) and hugs Dawn telling her what a battle it was. 

It’s what really inspires him to train a lot over the next few days and come up with a better strategy for beating Cress (which he does end up doing). 

Barry catches up with Dawn just as she’s leaving the city (she stayed there a few extra days to tour around the city and do a little training as well) almost running her over. He opens his mouth to speak, but starts stumbling over his words. He notices Dawn’s raised eyebrow expression, and let’s out a big sigh before clearing his throat and asking her if she’d like to travel with him (he’s a nervous wreck at this point), and much to his surprise Dawn says she’d love to. 

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Anonymous says: America has been getting really strange weather the past few years.. please be careful! v.v

I will be, thank you!! ;v;

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Anonymous says: Seriously?! Oh I hope no one died.. ;-;

It wasn’t too serious! It was just unusual because my area never gets tornadoes, but luckily no serious injuries were reported!!

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